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iTutor International

iTutor International  is part of a global organisation established in 1984. Since its inception, the primary goal has been to develop and create interactive educational products, which are simple to use and integrate into the learner’s daily routine with the primary focus on producing positive results at supersonic speeds. What this means for the 600 000 plus students enrolled worldwide, is that it enhances and accelerates their learning skills and abilities, affording them an undeniable advantage above competitors.
Ultimately, CAMI makes every child a winner today and a leader tomorrow.
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More Time for Fun and Leisure
Society has turned our children into workaholics expecting them to be busy every minute of the day with structured activities. We have forgotten the simple joys of play and the importance this activity contributes to both the social and emotional development of the child. (Addendum 2).
Children are expected to fill their day with school, sport and HOMEWORK. This barely leaves them with the opportunity for free unstructured time, necessary for normal healthy emotional and social development.
As our children become more bogged down by ever-increasing workloads of activities and tasks, their attitude to school begins to alter negatively. This often results in a battlefield with parents constantly fighting with their kids to do homework and the learner stating that they HATE school. Moreover, who can blame them? Society has deprived our children from incorporating free time and we at iTutor International strive to correct this.
How is this possible?
Quite simply stated we afford the learner the opportunity to work more rapidly and more effectively – equipping them with the skills to become more efficient learners. As the young learner develops into an efficient learner their attitudes to school and homework will consequently alter positively. Through these skills and positive attitude it means that they will be able to assimilate most of the information during their lessons at school and spend the minimal amount of time completing homework tasks in the afternoon.
The maxim always rings true: We love and enjoy those activities we excel at.
Our philosophy
To Learn is to Create and CAMI renders each child a winner today and a leader tomorrow.
Through this we shall equip each and every learner with the skills to be more efficient and effective in knowledge creation and retention.
This process will provide the learner with the skills and knowledge to automatically learn and integrate acquired information in the shortest amount of time.
Ultimately it results in the learner spending less time on homework and study, having a positive attitude to school.
It is understood that each and every individual literally has the same ability at conception and almost as often at birth. (Studies based on long-term medical trials – click here for a brief article on this subject)
These abilities will either flourish given the right conditions or stifle under intolerable environments. Thus it is assumed that all children have an equal ability at inception, but the learning process and experiences will determine the level of absorption, integration and understanding in each and every individual.
Thus it is essential to develop and nurture a solid foundation in all critical areas of learning. This will ensure the maximisation of every possible opportunity in achieving comprehensive choices now and in the future.
Investing in products or processes to enhance performance and ability has far-reaching consequences. Improved performance and consequently high confidence levels will be one of the most valuable investments any individual shall ever make in themselves. Elevated confidence levels lead to success in all walks of life.
What will the range of CAMI products do for me?
The CAMI Range of products will:
Significantly improve Maths and English performance through the development and application of learnt concepts.
Afford those individuals with learning difficulties or lags the skills to overcome them and demonstrate their true abilities in a confident manner.
Allow each individual to work at a comfortable pace, slotting in and around existing commitments.
Through the integration of the Perceptual Skills builder encourage total brain development.
Afford an incontestable edge in preparing for exams or tests.
Provide each individual with professional and ongoing assistance, which will help to identify weaker areas and give the necessary guidelines to strengthening, and master their skills.

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